Rare Earth Modified Molecular Sieve De-NOx Catalyst
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 Contacts: Guan Naijia

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     In this project, rare earth modified molecular sieve De-NOx catalyst was developed by Nankai University and Baogang Rare Earth Research Institute. On the one hand, the denitration efficiency of the catalyst was improved and the operating temperature of the catalyst was reduced through achieving catalytic reduction of rapid ammonia selective catalytic reduction on molecular sieve based catalysts, into which rare earths were introduced. On the other hand, the introduction of rare earths can greatly improve the stability of selective catalytic reduction catalyst. Technical index of rare earth modified molecular sieve De-NOx catalyst has been completely beyond the traditional V2O5-WO3/TiO2 system.  At the same time, we have successfully developed the preparation technology of the monolithic catalyst, which can realize the scale production of the molecular sieve De-NOx catalyst.


    This project is high-definition, rare earth elements introduced into molecular sieve system, rapid ammonia selective catalytic reduction technology and molecular sieve catalyst molding technology have independent intellectual property rights, and have great promotion value. China De-NOx market has exceeded 400 million KW cubic, with a capacity of 0.6 cubic meters per MW, catalyst needs more than 240 thousand cubic meters. At present, although the catalyst market has become saturated, the catalyst system is V2O5-WO3/TiO2, not only the catalytic efficiency needs to be improved to meet the increasingly stringent emission regulations, but more important, the use of green denitrification catalyst has become the development trend. R & D independent intellectual property rights of rare earth modified molecular sieve De-NOx catalyst, can take full advantage of the low cost of labor, abundant rare earth resources, greatly reducing the cost of the catalyst and selective catalytic reduction device cost, meanwhile, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, greatly reducing the burden of investment De-NOx device on the power plant. Rare earth modified molecular sieve selective catalytic reduction catalyst can also be used in catalytic purification of nitrogen oxide in the tail gas of heavy duty diesel engine and the catalytic purification process of nitrogen oxide in the industry. It has broad market prospects.