Science & Tech Department

  Science and Technology Department is responsible for the development plan of Natural Sci-Tech and the scientific research base construction; and National key S&T Special Projects, all kinds of public welfare specific project, national and provincial natural science foundation project, the declaration of military projects, international cooperation project, approval, process management, appraisal, achievements rewarding; Technological development, technology transfer, technical services, technical consulting, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, production investigation etc. Cooperate with the management of funds for scientific research; the setting and management of the entity of science and technology research institute; The academician of CAS contacts and services work in Tianjin area; The statistical work of science and technology, science and technology talent team construction; Association for science and technology work. Other works assigned by the department superior and the school leaders. 
  The department of patent and intellectual property rights is responsible for the management of the patent and intellectual property rights. Application and use of the patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights; The daily management of intellectual property rights; Win a patent; Examine and verity the patent contract; Coordinate to solve the disputes of intellectual property rights; To assist teachers to declare intellectual property rights special fund, etc. Other works assigned by the department superior and the school leaders.