Tianjin Water Quota Formulation of Major Industries
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      The water shortage is a very serious problem that Tianjin city is always facing, the average quantity of local water source is only 160 m3. In order to increase the water source quantity the government has implemented the “Luanhe-Tianjin water diversion project”, “Yellow river-Tianjin water diversion project” and “South to North Water Project”.

With the limited and precious water source, the most important thing for citizens is the efficient utilization and for government is the scientific management. Thus water quota is the right thing for both.

     We have spent 4 to 5 years surveying the water usage information of industry, agriculture and citizen, and used mathematical statistics method to modify the the Tianjin provincial standard of water quota published in 2003 and establish a lot of  new products and items. This job will keep Tianjin to be the top list of water conservation in China.