Joint Development Project of New Anti-tumor Nanometer Agents Without Carrier
author:张玮光  Release time:2017-10-13   Browse times:34


        Contacts: Yang Zhimou

        Tel: 15332192266


    With the method of direct bonding of anti-cancer medicine and self-assembling peptides, this project aims to prepare a new kind of anti-tumor nanometer agents without carrier to break through the technological bottleneck of low entrapping rate and early release that traditional nanometer agents of anti-tumor medicine faces; At the same time, in order to deal with the low efficiency and high toxicity of traditional chemotherapy medicine and to improve effect of cancer treatment, the project will develop the new way and technology of sustained release for anti-cancer medicine.

    Development of new forms of anti-cancer nanometer agents, influence of effect of different modes of administration on cancer treatment, and efficacy and pharmacokinetics evaluation of anti-cancer nanometer agents used in primary tumor cells of clinical patients and tumor model of animals have been involved in this research project.