Joint Development Project of Plasma Concentration Monitoring Key Antibody Reagents
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                Contacts: Xi Rimo

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    Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is based on the theory of pharmacokinetics that specializes in the measurement of medication concentrations in blood. It is used to evaluate  therapeutic  efficacy, determine dosage regimen and establish individuation project with the final aim of  improving patient care and administrating safely, effectively and rationally in clinic. Drugs with  nonlinear pharmacokinetic characteristics or narrow therapeutic window have become the key monitoring items, such as methotrexate, theophylline, metoprolol, cyclosporin A,sirolimus, tacrolimus.

    For routine monitoring of the pharmacokinetic behavior of these drugs, antibodies for the analyzed drugs will be produced in this project, and sensitive immunoassays will be developed. Different kinds of coupling reagents were utilized to synthesize the immunogens. The coupling ratio, titer and sensitivity of antibodies for each immunogen were evaluated. The limit of detection (LOD) of the proposed immunoassay will be evaluated in buffer and plasma. Finally, the method will be applied in clinical samples containing these drugs, and a series of immunoassays will be built in rapid detection each drug in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM).