8.Project Description on the Comprehensive Information Service Platform of Financial Network in Universities and Colleges
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     In light of those most prominent issues of financial sector’s information services and accountingoperationsin universities and colleges, this project is the first in domestic to develop a comprehensive information service platform with integrated hardware and software combing reservation reimbursement, intelligent queuing and internet banking payment, which achieves an important breakthrough in financial sector’s service model andeffectively solve the bottleneck of  financial service in universities and colleges.


This project mainly completed the below innovative tasks:

      1. The project developed a management system aiding all kinds of school financial operations. Main subsystems include: intelligent queuing system, one-stop self posted reimbursement system, online reservation reimbursement system, national treasury-university interconnected system total 4 business modules. It achieved whole process management of reimbursement business, supports multiple reimbursement models and realized cashless reimbursement through online banking payment. It’s a major breakthrough in financial sector’s reimbursement model.

     2. The project completed the research and development of the post-reimbursement hardware integration device: it adopts system integration technology, optimizes and combines all hardware devices involved in kinds of financial accounting business such as bank card reader, QR code reader, RFID reader together. It firstly developed a one-stop post accounting box integrated hardware devices.

      3. On the basis of pipeline communication, this project designed the QR code reading and writing component RC532API, achieved serial communication between upper procedures and devices, realized the functions of timeout control reading and timed terminal interface locking.

      4. This project achievedacross-sector,across-system andacross-network information integration: based onvirtualized cloud computing andWebService technology, this project took the lead in realizing interconnection with relevant external systems such as bank system,university financial accounting system, budget management system, digital campus one-card system. It solvedfinancial related information isolated island problems andmade serviceflow informationassess to each system of differentoperating divisions.

   5. The project established a data center: it provided data exchange service among finance HR, academic affairs,scientific research, student affairs, logistics, assets, one-card ect. several systems to realize automatic update of financial information. It provided push service on financial information such as research funding implementation, perfectly implemented information integration of digital campus.

This project applied leading cloud computing virtualization technology and effectively addressed reimbursement issues universities and colleges are facing. Hardware and software integrated intelligent queuing, online reimbursement, posted reimbursement and Treasury online banking payment comprehensive financial services platform is the first in China, playing a leading and exemplary role to both home and abroad technical developments in the field . It has achieved the international advanced level.

The project takes the lead in realizing a financial accounting system that canmeetallthe requirements ofthenew accounting system in the country, fills inthe application gapsofsimilar systemsat home and abroad. theprojecthasstrong degree of technical commonality and can be promoted in various industries.

The project builds a software and hardware integrated financial network information service platform for universities and colleges. It studies the most advanced financial management practices in domestic and overseas and realizes management pattern innovation. “ posted reimbursement “ creates a new situation of “no waiting”; “ online reimbursement “ pushes financial service modernization to a new stage; connection with multiple digital campus systems realizes information interconnection and promotes smart campus construction; the project strengthens information construction from several aspects, provides efficient and convenient financial service, establishes smooth communication channels and promotes high-quality and satisfactory services.