12.Innovation and development of combined techniques for water treatment and its ecological technology with high efficiency and low consumption
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      The water environment situation is currently becoming more and more serious, for the sake of solving the problems of the technical bottleneck and expensive energy consumption in the field of water treatment, it is of terrifically important practical significance and scientific value to carry out the innovation and development of combined techniques for water treatment and its ecological technology with high efficiency and low consumption.

The project was to deal with the innovation and development of combined techniques for water treatment and its ecological technology with high efficiency and low consumption in the following aspects, based on original innovation and aided by compositive innovation.  

 (1) Efficient removal of natural organic matter in water was obtained by the complicated adsorption-coagulation-ultrafiltration process; high removal of nitrosamines in water was achieved by using the complicated process of photocatalysis-adsorption-membrane separation; membrane filtration device with the cleaning mode of flushing and back-washing was developed to effectively improve the cleaning efficiency; a simple and efficient three-phase separator was designed to solve the coincidence problem of the flow inlet and the reflux opening in the sludge settling zone, resulting in improving of the separation effect of gas-solid-liquid.

(2) According to the features and requirements of treating the wastewater containing heavy metal ions, the working models of EDI with different internal structures were developed to directly and continuously and efficiently treat wastewater under the condition of no acid-base regeneration, zero waste acid and alkali emission, and desalinated water and high concentrated solution were also recycled.

(3) A series of composite flocculants with high flocculation performance, cost effective and ecological safety, including inorganic aluminum salt, inorganic ferric salt, silicate and natural organic polymer, were developed. Especially the one-step production process with mild reaction condition was easy for mass production.

(4) An organic wastewater treatment process with the characteristics of biological film and composite packing was developed and an organic wastewater energy technology system which was based on the biological electrochemical system was set up, achieving the sludge reduction and sewage energy. The problems of treating the wastewater without the potential of biological treatment and energy generation were solved through the development of combined modified catalyst and peat adsorbent.

(5) A hanging film floating chain water pollution remediation method with high efficiency, low cost, extensive application and convenient use was provided for effectively realizing the in-situ remediation of the regional water pollution. The remediation method of chromium contaminated water was developed by using the aquatic plants of lythrum salicaria, obtaining obvious treatment efficiency and beautifying the landscape environment.

The above results of the project have been successfully transformed and applied in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Liaoning and Guangdong provinces, and achieved obvious economic benefits.  And they was also being adopted by the government departments such as the Environmental Protection Bureau of Binhai New Area, promoting the treatment of the local polluted water and effectively improving the water quality and avoiding the concern on human health caused by polluted water, producing the enormous ecological and social benefits.

The bottleneck problems of low technical efficiency, high energy consumption in the water treatment industry have been solved by the above developed technologies, instruments and products with high efficiency, low consumption and ecological safety, which are about to lead the direction of the progress of the innovative research and development in the field of water treatment and usher in a wider application prospect, and play a powerful role in promoting the development of water supply industry, the pharmaceutical industry, wine industry and other related industries.