Nankai University held the CNSF Programs Application Meeting
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Nankai University held the CNSF Programs Application Meeting


    January 10th, the CNSF Programs Application Meeting was held at Balitai Campus’ Yong Tai Hong Kai Building. The meeting was co-sponsored by Science & Technology Department and Faculty Development Center. More than 140 teachers from School of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, College of Chemistry, College of Life Science, School of Pharmacy, and College of Economics attended the meeting.

    During the conference, Vice President Yan Chunhua delivered a report titled Application and Planning of Scientific Research Programs. He introduced the importance of review the program during the application, research opportunities, individual advantages and conditions, research’s accessibility, key technology specific problems, innovations and research approaches, research purposes, and implementation, and so on. Vice President Yan emphasized the importance of the word accumulation in the scientific research. He hoped everyone could work with a positive attitude, obtaining excellent results in the scientific research, constantly summing up academic experiences, and carefully carrying forward scientific research and programs’ organization and application.

    Prof. Li Mingchun, from College of Life Science, Prof. Tang Pingping, from College of Chemistry, and Prof. Liao Yi, from School of Physics, introduced the elements of the application process, how to choose a research program, program design, application types, the background of the application process, and so on.

    The staff of Science & Technology Department introduced Nankai University’s Science & Technology Management Orientation and said that the department will coordinate program application, services, and technology work. They hoped the professors could value the new opportunities and promote the development of Nankai University’s Science & Technology and Science & Technology Management.

    After the lecture, professors and speakers discussed the process of application of the programs.

    Nankai University’s Social Sciences Research Administration Office, Science & Technology Department, and Faculty Development Center will carry on their cooperations in co-organizing specific training programs on the applications of foundation projects for different subjects and majors.