Yu Liu
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Yu Liu (刘 育)

Professor, College of Chemistry 

Tel: +86-22-23503625 
Fax: +86-22-23503625 


1991 Ph.D. Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan 
1992 Postdoctoral research at Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS 
1993 Professor

Research Interest

  1. Molecular Recognition of Synthetic Receptors including Crown Ethers, Cyclodextrins, and Calixarenes

  2. Molecular Assembly of Synthetic Receptors and Construction of Nano-sized Supramolecular Aggregates

  3. Thermodynamics of Molecular Recognition and Assembly

  4. Application of Supramolecular Technology in Molecular Pharmaceutics

Group Members

  • Heng-Yi Zhang (张衡益), Professor, Ph.D. (2000), E-mail: hyzhang@nankai.edu.cn

  • Yong Chen (?, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (2001), E-mail: yongchen@nankai.edu.cn

  • Dong-Sheng Guo (郭东升), Lecturer, Research Assistant, Ph.D. (2006), E-mail: dshguo@nankai.edu.cn

  • Li-Hua Wang (王丽华), Administer Assistant, M.Sc (2003), E-mail: wanglihua@nankai.edu.cn

Selected publications

  1. Yu Liu,* and Yong Chen, “Cooperative Binding and Multiple Recognition by Bridged Bis(b-cyclodextrin)s with Functional Linkers’, Acc. Chem. Res., 2006, 39(10), 681-691.

  2. Yu Liu,* Hao Wang, Yong Chen, Chen-Feng Ke, and Min Liu, “Supramolecular Aggregates Constructed from Gold Nanoparticles and L-Try-CD Polypseudorotaxanes as Captors for Fullerenes”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2005, 127(2), 657-666.

  3. Yu Liu,* Hao Wang, Peng Liang, and Heng-Yi Zhang, “Water-Soluble Supramolecular Fullerene Assembly Mediated by Metallobridged b-Cyclodextrins”, Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., 2004, 43(20), 2690-2694.

  4. Yu Liu,* Yan-Li Zhao, Heng-Yi Zhang, and Hai-Bin Song, “Polymerir Rotaxane Constructed from the Inclusion Complex of b-Cyclodextrin and 4,4¢-Dipyridine by Coordination with Ni(II) Ions”, Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., 2003, 42(28), 3260-3263.

  5. Yu Liu,* Li Li, Zhi Fan, Heng-Yi Zhang, and Xue Wu, “Supramolecular Aggregates formed by Intermolecular Inclusion Complexation of Organo-Selenium Bridged Bis(Cyclodextrin)s with Calix[4]arene Derivative”, Nano Lett., 2002, 2(4), 257-261.

Honors and Awards

  • 2005 The first class Award of Natural Science of Tianjin City

  • 2003 The special grade Award of Baogang Outstanding Teacher

  • 2002 The second class Award of Natural Science of Ministry of Education

  • 2000 The first class Award of Natural Science of Tianjin City

  • 1996 The support of National Outstanding Youth Fund